George ‘Orson’ Wells

A review of Animal Farm  a sample of an example of a student submission for GSCE English, copied below:

“Animal Farm” by George Orwell and “The Stolen Bacillus” by H.G. wells both explore the authors’ views of society in which they live.

George Orwell in his novel was trying to show that how having control over media one could control other people’s thoughts. He also shows that any power will always be abused due to the never changing human nature. Through this he shows that communism is an idea that will only work in theory not in actual practise. H.G. Wells in his short story showed how people under estimate the power of science. He also showed how scientific knowledge in the wrong hands could have some devastating results.

Orson Wells is famed for his theatrical radio broadcast of another H.G.Wells story, War of the Worlds in 1959 that caused widespread panic.
What is more amusing and revealing about him is within the public visual statement he made, under the fierce face of a more innocent media, for scaring a trusting people. He did not apologise in a literal sense but instead claimed regret for the ease of radio’s ability to cause hysteria amongst people with fear.

Five minutes into the seven minute clip (here), Orson is shown rehearsing a part of a later recording and his acting skills are utilized in full view, where a smile fades into a concerned frown. Much like Robbie Parker, the father of the six year old girl who made a press statement to the world only hours after tragically losing his little angel in the very suspicious Sandy Hook school shooting. He is shown smiling as he approaches the microphones and then got into character when instructed to begin his appeal, which eventually ended with asking for money. The website he directed all saddened donators to, was in fact set up hours before the actual shooting and is verifiable with the digital time stamp, discovered by diligent conspiracy theorists (truthers). Many discrepencies were found and this event was discovered to be a hoax of dramatic proportions, where it seems a complete film set and extras were employed to live in character, leading upto the incident.

It is shocking that the world didn’t see it at the time, when it was sizzling with lies, fake smiley parents with no tears and many clear clues of deception. Hilarious or terrifying? How deeply asleep IS the world outside the truther’s perspective?


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