Are all Aliens bad?

I am hopeful of this but not expectant. I reluctantly concluded, after intense research, that a prehistoric race did survive the great extinction from the Jurassic period. I wish it wasn’t the truth, so that I could continue with my barely magical and boring, predictable life. I miss the ignorance now.  Every historical lead in my own investigation points to a genetically manipulated breeding program by beings using highly advanced technical machines, artificial intelligence and transhuman genetic abilities.

One should never say that all of any race are bad, but I would say that it is more likely to be those who were genetically manufactured by them that we have to thank for any saviour moments.  Many of the sentient creatures (people) that have been tested before this current form, loved us ‘little ones’ much like we love our pets, which is why we’ve made it thus far. There are those who are of a cetacean origin that have been known to offer assistance. There is a dark agenda which rears periodically and then is wiped from the books, floors, ceilings and walls by inquisitions and wars.

Like all things, there are seasons in agriculture. Crop rotation. Harvests. Trade deals. A fattening of the lambs before the silence. We are intelligent beings capable of great love, yet we allow unimaginable horrors to go on towards other life forms and each other, to our planetary neighbours. A few we keep as pets, others we breed as livestock or torture for more knowledge or entertainment. Do we really think we’re the top of the food chain in a vast universe?
I understand the reason for the cover ups. I commend them for bearing the weight of such heart breaking information.

However, we’re being psychically ‘woken’ en mass, as another dangerous era is approaching. I was. The warnings are written into our history, woven into the years, the same warnings.  Maybe one soul used to be enough to save us. Can one special person really die for all our sins? Have we too much karma to pay back now hence the burst in our populations? Is there another way out of this arrangement or is it an entirely new deal?  Have all the long dead souls risen for the day of judgement, the showcase event? Have we another chapter left or is it being written as we breathe? Or are we back at the beginning; a world of financial and corporate gods controlling the dumb slaves into screen idol worship, sexual depravity and selfishness. With ectogenesis and the practice of meddling with human genes creeping silently back in through the open door as we gaze hypnotically at our pretty gadgets and get drunk. It would seem we are once again, about to create abominations that walk the earth. We know where that leads. Or do we?

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