Bible is our disclosure of ET life

You don’t have to be an archaeologist to investigate history. Reading English is the only skill needed. An interest in science fiction and an imagination does help but it’s not essential.

The Bible is the most powerful book the world has known and it’s been knocking around for many thousands of years. At the very least since the publication of the King James Version in 1611. This is the only publication that hasn’t been tweaked since and is a major key to undoing another chain upon the many locks put on your mind by the cleverly designed cultural programming of disinformation of the modern era.

The first set of books within are translations of ancient picture carvings, hieroglyphs, found in places like the Great Pyramids and buried under the ruins of temples. The Old Testament books were possibly taken from the Library of Alexandria in Ancient Egypt before it was set on fire. There are rumours that Thoth, the high priest /magician/enchanter of the Pharaohs threw them into the Red Sea in metallic sealed boxes to be found later. Personally, I believe the books are extracts from the traces left behind of a residential ET colony. I sense that these were the original Dead Sea Scrolls that are kept hidden by the Vatican in their private collection of alien artefacts in the vaults.

Regardless of what any of us theorise, one thing seems to be standard and that is the texts are very, very old and were not translated for an era such as this.

The stories are of very advanced civilisations and powerful weapons and instruments that do impossible things, clouded by the rough manner of the era they were translated in. If we had the chance to translate them all again, they would make much more sense to modern eyes.

When you examine the words carefully and in a more literal manner, you can see the inferences of incredible technologies, a full knowledge of sanitization, CDC type clothing and headgear and microbial caution. A seven day quarantine measure is taken when Moses enters the inner chambers of this temple that often hovers in a cloud lit up like fire. Later he is instructed to cover the holy instruments inside the temple with goat skins and dress them to make them look like tables for the new priests and everything is then cleverly disguised as magical powers and the wisdom of gods, no questions asked. Once, a strange fire from the altar instantly kills two of Aaron’s sons that were drunk and went too close. It appears to be more than just a naked flame and more like the exhaust of a plasma engine.

Jesus has a UFO encounter of the first kind up a mountain in the story of the transfiguration. He is surrounded by a bright white light, it lights up his body and then suddenly two men appear next to him and they have a private discussion. They materialise out of the air. A large cloud hovers above and a voice comes out. Then the men and the cloud-like object are suddenly gone and the two disciples are left in shock, told by Jesus never to tell a soul what happened. Is that holographic or teleportation technology? Star Wars, Superman or Star Trek?

Events like these appear on page after page. But you have been taught not to see it. James Cameron did. George Lucas did. Gene Rodenberry did. Zachariah Sitchin did. Erik Von Daniken did. Darren Aronofsky (Aron of sky), Wachowskis (watch our skies) Brothers (Jupier Ascending and Matrix), J.J. Abrams (Lost and the new Star Wars movie) and Graham Hancock are showing it to you now. Main stream media will marvel at Ezekiel’s UFO encounter or the newly discovered books of Enoch but if you look closer and examine the other books you won’t be able to put it down.

It has shaped the world you live in. In a court of law you have to swear upon it. It will pop up in TV programs and movies and in quotes at least once a day. Major organisations use words from it for their company names to appear as sure winners on the stock market. The music industry is full of Egyptian/biblical references such as The Beatles (John & Paul), the Rolling Stones, Madonna, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush etc.

Radio will remind you as lyrics call out biblical words such as Lord, God, heaven, skies, angels every hour. Your phone is probably named after the fruit we associate with the Garden of Eden or the phonetically constructed Samsung (Psalms sung) Galaxy. Billions of people for thousands of years have been led by this book, misguided to fight wars with each other in it’s name. So many have died for this one special book. Surely, it’s worth a read, if only to see what all the fuss is about?

I wonder if Douglas Adams referred to it as the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. When viewed with non religious, non blinkered 21st Century Eyes it will change your life and open your mind to the universe you are travelling through faster than a rocket.
If this doesn’t stir an interest in you to investigate it more for yourself, then you probably never will and that would be a great shame. What if you are the one who notices something that others will miss? We’re all here for a reason, all here to use these incredible minds we have above all other creatures on this planet. What’s your life experience been about in our collective adventure? Was it just to be a member of the audience or an interactive player, the one who knows the ending?

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