Foxes beware, the hounds are out

A few of us still care that safety is being eroded while the nation is hypnotised not to panic unless it’s announced to do so by TV. I doubt many people will be using sarcastic humour to cope with their dissociative pain this time next year.

There’ll be a division point by September, between those who comfortably conform with their modest wealth and those who rise up in poverty and pain. The modestly rich, the ones who have bought their own homes and are already buying their excellent health care will be the last to go and will face the most torment. The management are our blind betrayers. Sheep dogs. With noone to manage, what good are they to the money gods? Basil Faulty and David Brent will be woefully inadequate and unemployed. They will need retraining. Who will be left to clean up our broken bodies and wipe their arses?

Look at what foreign royalty is doing to the good people of this island. Erosion from within. All signed & sealed by HMS, the evil pharonic shepherds and their pack of ravenous hounds in the palace of Westminster.

The wiley among us are the foxes and look at how their pack leader Cameron feels about that one eh? A media message for all members to start the dissident hunt so that their inquisitions can begin. Blame game time and reverse the focus away from themselves. They know they can rewrite or tweak it all later. Only a worldwide disaster will save them but that’s already been prepared and paid for by us. Needed cuts to pay for the latest war orphaned military services they’re training in arab nations. Our royals are the bad shepherds who are stripping us of law and safety. They are the adversary to all life, they are clearly predators in every aspect.

Why didn’t all our parents notice and take more action when Maggie the drag queen first began selling off our services? Because dry humour directed by the royalist programmers in TV leads us to think that somebody in power knows they’re evil and is doing something about it. Spitting Image was not made to entertain us but to pacify us. Isn’t everything clearly worsening?

The evidence is all laid out within just the days of our short lives. Plain sight evil has been crippling our minds for decades, yet comedians can sooth the fear, make us feel we’re not really alone. We are alone and it’s time to wake up and decide if you are jumping off the ship of fools or will you cling to mast saluting the source of all the world’s suffering as the flood of debauchery swallows you up for good.

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