From the roots of the BBC and all later TV propaganda detective and law dramas, I was fooled into thinking honourable men and women were the majority of criminal law enforcement services and now it seems that all our heroes are entirely fictional and not based on actual roles or duties in real life. It seems there are no true senior professionals in any public sector, they’re all owned and controlled by an enemy of justice to the common man. We are living in an delusion, we chose to co-create with the establishment that demands our labour filled days and taxes only to supply us with GM addictive toxins, fraudulent digital money (bitcoin) since 1971 and non-essential trinkets.

Our silent heroes are just a faint whisper in the halls of power, reduced to ghostly apparitions of long dead icons and all our new leaders are appointed ‘yes’ men. Instead of saluting the oil paintings and statues in the corridors of Westminster, they slip in back doors instead. The Common Purpose hunt for leaders was really searching for the most corruptible amongst us, those hungry for success status and glory above all others. Those talented mouth pieces, political actors who read their scripts well and can convince the general masses they can be trusted, like Savile did for decades.

As a globe, we have created our countries around unique models given to us from our culture that centred around a broadcast device planted in our home, born from our instilled hope, faith, honesty, loyalty and trust. What a betrayal! We didn’t know the first world war was still going on and we certainly didn’t see it was happening on our own soil. The Middle Eastern biblical/holy war distraction is to blind the globe to the real invasions. An epic battle of the Titans plot but the names have been changed to protect our invaders throughout the centuries. Religions of peace, and God always gets the blame for the dark work of the secret military forces of the royals, merchants and bankers, the true fallen angels.

It isn’t God who is to blame for childhood leukaemia, it’s the technology of radio frequencies, it’s the foods that contain poisons, the water that distributes industrial waste, the airlines that have been dumping radioactive material into our skies for decades. God didn’t make coca cola or AIDS, God doesn’t engineer economies to turn whole nations into slaves, bad men do! God doesn’t set the interest rates for impossible and fraudulent loans that keep people in debt, bankers and their servants do. God doesn’t cause an ocean to die, nuclear power plants and oil barons do!

When something bad happens we are taught to blame God. Which God is it that enjoys misery? I know of one. Look at children laughing, dancing, a kitten or a puppy, flowers, blue skies and sunshine and you see the God of creation, the Mother Earth that produces life in all diverse dimensions. A Creator force that shapes complex life forms and breathes intelligence into them, giving them free will to learn to defy their animal urges of fear, to calculate how to avoid suffering and achieve balance for all. God is living in the people who create, innovate, heal, nurture and care for others, extending lives instead of taking them.

The Devil, the God of death, lives inside those who keep secrets, who take, complain, harm, blame, attack and steal. They are taught to “do what thou wilt”.  Bankers steal and hide, politicians lie and rape, merchants profit from misery, lords and bishops live off charity, donations from the poor. Children aren’t raped, stolen and sold by God but by men who collude to keep their addictions to depravity hidden. They worship the Devil God, the LORD God, and not God the Mother and have stayed hidden so long because their cult was made fictional, of fantasy by the genre of fairy tales and horror movies. It is real. It is here.

Women of famous or successful men – you are not crazy for feeling depressed or drinking too much and wondering why men are such arseholes, you are sensing the evil nextdoor or in your own beds. The cult we are dealing with is a male race of mutants who have promoted gayness to hide themselves within. There is nothing wrong with loving the same sex but the Devil cult use it to attack the Creator feminine aspect of God, it is a perversion of love because they are raped as children and have no freewill or compassion. They are sex addicts because as children they were taught to be secretive and sensual and are taught to murder very young. The Hampstead case has opened up the truth of how they operate. Grooming is how they convert virgin minds into their cult of greed and horror using money and luxury as rewards for bad bahaviour, the opposite of how we teach our children. They are inverted towards goodness of all forms. Satanic panic should be in the hearts of every good person right now because we are in a cold war with these sadists.

We collectively sense, investigate and ultimately prove corruption in high places. All the dangerous conspiracy investigations are done by ourselves, in our own time, untrained, under resourced and at our own expense to life and limb and are then being called dissenters or more hurtfully, kooks or crazies! We now see from Gordon Bowden, Patrick Cullinane and John Paterson that there is no court in the land that will accept any evidence of fraud or murder… Hmmm.

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