Police coverups of paedophiles

Firstly, I apologise to the families for bringing this up again but all of our Nation’s children are at risk.  This is not exclusive to the British Isles and is happening all over the planet right now.

This horrendous crime was not what it appeared to be. Neither was the Wests, Shipman and too many others. In light of what we’re learning about how unbelievably rampant and high the scale of institutional child abuse is, this case deserves to be re-examined to shed more light on how the police have always been responsible for covering up paedophiles and then placing members of their ‘clubs’ in positions where children are accessible and where their crimes can be concealed, in very wealthy packs.

Covering up their own viscious crimes is a full time occupation for those near the top of our society. It is the primary role of the Crown courts and their armies of officers and servants in all areas to keep this an Official Secret. I heard tonight on the Richie Allen Radio Show that David Icke’s book, The Biggest Secret, exposed how high up this covert corruption goes around twenty years ago.  I was shown this with visions, insights, but have only recently begun to accept it as solid fact in the past six months from witnessing it in action.

Two police officers, one of them the family liason officer, were arrested and at the time this was not made pubilc knowledge due the lengthy trial.

I listened to my heart. It urged me to look for more information from the flashed message I had a few days ago. So, this evening I bought the ten year anniversary ebook by the father of Holly Wells and it didn’t take me long to see a new story emerge above his own broken hearted and very detailed accounts of the extent to how schools and police infiltration and judicial manipulation has been identifying, protecting, steering and positioning paedophiles in trusted roles for many, many decades.

I had been inspired to dig deeper into this tragedy on the very same date that they first went missing. The 4th of August. You can decide how that ‘chance’ happened but I know why.




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