Infiltration and Actors

They have their ‘drones’ in prominent positions who control  organised crime, media, industry, trade, military, religion, law and healthcare and academia. They run human traffic rings which deals in child and adult prostitution, porn and snuff, A class drugs and pharma, illegal immigration, gambling & fraud and all of it is under the guise of government organisations, many of them are charities, others are taxes, insurance, fines and licenses. They have their people in our schools, TV, courts, hospitals and councils. They have placed people in all areas of our daily lives through recruitment agencies and now the seedy human resource agencies that have become a part of all public sector structures and businesses. Remember, they were feeding us horses as beef! Now we are finding out about human body parts, and aborted babies are being used in products, some of which we are ingesting! As if crushed beetles as red food colourants weren’t bad enough.

INFILTRATION is what others, including the murdered President Kennedy, have been warning us about for decades, centuries even. The NWO is real and it’s engaging to strike us all to create a global network of tyranny. The best model to see how we will be forced to live, is that of North Korea. It is a sixty year old [z]Scionist empire which is another word for monarchy, something our ancestors fought with their lives to remove in this very country. An agreement was reached, a treaty, so that monarchs would have no say in the running of the nation. It has been broken, and the evidence is in the letters of Prince Charles.

The Queen has been changing our laws on advice given to her in the Privy Council meetings by vicious, souless men like Blair and Cameron. Look at all the padophiles she was told to knight and grant Lordships to!! She has been advised by what I can only call demonic personalities. We must reform and review all the changes made during her reign to get back the Christian country that our brave grandparents and our ancestors died for.

We have no choice but to wake up from the trance we’ve been in and rise up against them now before it’s too late for our children. We have to demand in our masses that all courts and politics are suspended and every secret case is scrutinised now before they take more of our own children and use them against us. We have mountains of evidence now that this is what they are doing so we can stop them. We have done it before but they creep back. We are too intelligent to let this go on any longer. They are outnumbered, and if their security services can be woken up too, we will end them and be free of this forever.

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