The Age of Secrets, Blackmail and Lies

rough notes:

Has anyone else noticed that the sex abuse inquiry only really kicked off after Jimmy Savile died? Did he leave something in his will? Regrets or revenge? He wasn’t protected as much he would have liked. Many people were trying to out him as we can now see when we look back at interviews over the years.

I believe that he was a godfather figure in the British branch of a mafia, one that was infiltrating the British establishment. He styled his appearance to that of a rapper in his older years with the cuban cigar, shell suit and the garish ‘jingle jangle’ jewellery. He was a quick thinker and enjoyed making up games and watching people jump through his hoops.

“Jungle jungle” he chanted as he entered the Endermol studio house at BBC Elstree studios.  I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here could have been made up by him. He thought of himself as a predator. He was king of his entertainment jungle. He was a genuis who used his ability to manipulate people. Being dominant was as natural to him as being kind is to others. He enjoyed the power and teased people with his vulnerable side, made them show their intent and then pounced when he knew he could get away with it. Not even his secretary knew him.

For example, he would say he ran the marathon but it seems with his ability to lie, he would probably organise for a car to collect him and drop him off. In his own admission, he says that would get his running friends to meet him to pass him a cigar and get him ready for the finish line. Telling lies was his job. The world of media is one of illusion.

Black magic is simply conspiring with others in secrecy to commit fraud on all levels financial and moral. They protect and support each other, no matter what. If a fellow mason applies for a job, they will be given it above others. It’s the same with Allumni’s from colleges and universities. Secrecy hides the magic of the psychology used in the more elite rings, such as Military Intelligence. If you are listening in to everything (NSA), you know what goes behind closed doors, you get to know the real face of the person behind the masks. If society is modelled on impossible goals then there is always plenty of room for finger pointing and judgement which is the tool and weapon of the blackmailer.

In a cold war, it is a battle of popularity, information and perceptions. British Telecom was really an intelligence operation marketed as a communications tool. The millitary always use any new invention before it is used to make profit. Ideas are collected at patent offices. GPS tracking for our phones was used during WWII despite what we’re told. James Bond novels were written by Ian Fleming, who was an actual spy and what made them different from other movies was the use of secret ‘ultra’ types of gadgetry.

Trust is the illusion we create that allows them to operate behind the veil of professionalism and promises of respect. Over the years investigatory boards have been founded to combat insider fraud but infiltration is another military tactic and having your own people in high places allows the illusion of justice and order.

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