Royal butchers of humanity

This photograph is not ‘fantasy’. This is very real and it’s time for us to start asking them questions and demanding clear answers.

There are some religions that are not open to just anyone.bloodstone

Some of these religious cults are bloodline only, Scionist (zionist) by nature and the Royal families have their own secret lives, secret services, secret oaths and orders. They feel that they are born to lead in the form of God’s chosen people. They pass on their secrets to their own and their status is almost magical by way of propaganda programming and their rituals, palaces and costumery. The courts and judges are theirs. Governments are theirs. Banks are theirs. Churches are theirs. Armies are theirs. Do we really have good shepherds? You must have seen the clues by now.

North Korea is another good example of scionism in the hands of the insane. Is it right to have one small group living in unimaginable luxury, offering barely noticable chairty when the masses are now literally starving? They are selling off our heritage so slowly and carefully that it doesn’t ring too many alarm bells. It’s been a long plan to ensure security for their own families – not ours.

At school we were taught about the basics of open religions and ‘cult’ures but the mystery religions are just that, and were created to keep the herders of these higher secret religions under control by way of Lordships, wealth, power and protection. Freemasonry and governments are their tools. The tools of the shepherds of the Pharoahs. They still venerate the hook and whip as a symbol of their power as farmers of flocks, sheeple. The vast collection of Egyptian artifacts are their royal ancestors.

2458D4B300000578-2892544-Sporty_Like_his_heirs_the_Duke_was_also_fond_of_a_day_at_the_rac-a-47_1420038408720They were butchers of humans, cannibals, blood drinkers who slept in their coffins (sarcophagi), organ traffickers and slave owners that have travelled throughout the world and history, always being overthrown and creating new civilisations that they end up destroying while setting up a new one to flee to. They were once Romans. They call themselves Jews but they are not.


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