Who are these evil Jews?

The Zionist Jews (scionists) are the royals and ruling families, including their adopted bloodlines, of this world and do not even acknowledge the created Jews as Jews. It’s a class system which we are not part of. They use us as cattle on the stock market. They seduce some, brutalise others and remain locked into their myth of being the chosen ones of the Old Testament books which has been around the longest and all religions have sprouted from it, crafted with scion branches using forced marriages to create bonds of blood. The tree of life is Burke’s Peerage.

They have made us in their image, using propaganda, of status worshipping to control us. Britain was molded into the ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ model for their shallow masonic middle classes. They revere their ancestors, the Pharoahs and their ancient mystery schools, which were of course just based upon advanced mathematical physics and their masters are the heads of all university depts around the world. Once called wizards and witches, they are now known as professors (pro-fess & con-fess) doctors of the worshipful masters and their degrees. Our real world order, the hidden one, is eerily more like the world of Harry Potter, but from the perspective of Voldermort.

They keep all the secrets of any human discoveries and utilise them for themselves in military applications and then create tightly controlled organisations to profit from them, such as telecommunications and the BBC. They all work together, to a degree, to sustain this death-like slavery system, and those who don’t conform to the family rules are forced to, using us commoners as their armies. Patriotism wouldn’t work on us if the truth of their curse of common purpose was known from childhood. We thought evil was historic or remote. It’s here and is breathing down our necks.

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