We are always being professionally lied to

I’m wide awake to the truth however nightmarish it is. I was in shock for six months, as the extent of my British generation X brainwashing was so deep.

The BBC does not just make broadcasted productions. It isn’t just one building or one television studio, it is all of them, every single channel broadcast in our airwaves. It has it’s own secret police and law (politics) department called the Home Office. This home is a house, called the House of Windsor, the one of the German bloodlines of the Saxe-Gotha-Coburg family, the same bloodline from the Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration for Count Dracula. It’s like a witness protection program. Their lives are lived within rings of security agencies. They are one of the most wanted families in the world for crimes against other nations and other powerful families. Over centuries, treaties are formed with marriages or money and they operate as one world order, albeit a very fragile one.

Since WWII when Europe was in total chaos, when families were torn apart, children stolen in the name of protection, we all stopped thinking of the wealthy idols as evil, and we allowed them into our homes with music via radio and TV. They groomed our nations and kept us following carrots of idealism whilst filling our minds with entertainment written to change history, to sexualise us, to destroy our sense of communities over decades. Seventy plus years of a carefully organised campaign of portraying those at the top as good. Endless images of justice, respectability and benevolence. Every TV show is a part of a larger production or series and each genre has a master director. All industries have ‘worshipful masters’ and are in every town steering us and seducing the greedy and shallow to obey and protect them with lies, blackmail and lures.

We were very craftfully groomed to adore those with money and jewels, those in the bright lights, those who mingle with and dominate the most talented among us. All governments own or eventually control the propaganda. Think about it. For example, Simon Cowell, an outwardly wicked man, is hugely important in the covert power structure of the true royalist shadow government. He is not what TV and magazines portray him as. This is all illusion, as was Savile. All psychopaths are charming and have X factor in some form. They scout for positive influencers, to further their own objectives with no remorse for any damage they do to those they have targeted. They cannot feel love so they feel resentment for those that do and it fuels them.

They have all the time in the world because the secret is passed on through their bloodlines. Their religion is old and is anti-Christian (compassionate and truthful), it is satanic because it involves trauma, lies, shame, fraud, murder, secrets and abuse. I pity them but I do not forgive them. They may have been brainwashed in their own childhoods but they all have freewill in adulthood. They could change, but their addictions to money, power and comfort consume them. In the higher class cults, having an addiction to the adrenalised blood of their victims literally makes them vampires. The covens that sacrifice humans are always led by the upper classes. Their ‘fantasy’ religion is written to reward the faithful evil, to continue causing either overt or subtle pain and suffering to those who are innocent and they are legion. They are everywhere. Manipulators and puppet masters. This is why paedophiles are not locked up for life, if at all. They are overly tolerant of extreme evil because it is at the core of their Crown philosophy.

The Christianity that you and I have witnessed has NOT been true. It is a sham. If you are attending a church right now I urge you to stop and gather together to form one of your own leaving their satanic building alone and do not donate to them. Anyone who claims to represent God is a false prophet and if they are genuine they will gladly join you to rebuild them in the true form of Christianity, in the words of the Christ. They should be protecting the children – not the abusers! There are many Masonic masters operating within our organised religions who have been hiding behind the cover of our love and trust. Their ‘anything goes’ network only works if they are in senior positions in our trusted authorities such as police, doctors, lawyers, judges, governors, Barons, Lords, celebrities and even our drug dealers. Their magic circle effect is simply having no bounds of morality and doing whatever it takes using normal means and positions of influence to make problems go away.

“Do what thou wilt” and “never lie alone”. That’s magic folks!

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