Ultra Deceptions

It is interesting to see the earlier bullshit of newspapers in the past. I must go the library and do a few days research to study how they lie about emerging communication and wave technologies. All of it is so transparent with hindsight because it’s obvious the mad scientists were already in the nuclear age during WWII because the quantum leap from vacuum tubes to crystals was not alien intervention but a strategic leap deemed necessary to monitor us more closely. Seems the myths of Atlantis were really a story of what has been happening in the VIP area of the world’s stage. The crystal era ended for some decades ago whilst it was just beginning for us.
We had crossed through the electromagnetic spectrum, from the Wireless to wireless and yet it’s only just been rolled out to us in the past decade. The powers-that-be are way ahead in terms of technology, that’s how and why the distractions work so well. If you don’t know about it, you won’t see it as science but as a mystery. Magic is just measured and applied physics. Theoretical physics in the form of stories or script(ures) is the best weapon because they can fool their enemies into thinking they have mastered the ability already, such as the fake moon landing to fool the rest of the world they had claimed it. The dollar became the super symbol after that and look at how they dominated the mafias of Russia, the Middle East and China, eating up the land like a whale scooping up krill, unchallenged by any others.
Star Trek and other movie Sci-fi was propaganda directed at the other world leaders. UFO’s spotted by military and accidentally leaked… Ooo the mystery, the planting of seeds.. Hmmm. Call my bluff, poker face, Would I Lie to You, Who’s Line is it Anyway? No alien life could ever exist here. The microbiotic world would eat them alive and the speed of our time would make it unbearable to function because as Einstein, the rock, explained, the relative dimension in space affects time and form. Even the slightest drop in oxygen for us can make us pass out of consciousness or feel nasuea and dizzy. We can’t even function at high speeds or low depths. Our star system is as unique as a fingerprint and everything around this location affects the geometry on a cellular level in growth and health. We can’t leave unless we can create a fake atmosphere that will adapt and adjust according to surrounding stars.
It’s all an illusion to hide their gadgets and spy crafts. I used to believe until I realised everything mysterious is just science fiction. I do believe that brainwashing humans from childhood to believe they are from another planet is possible. How many times do star seeds come up now in the alt media?
Money pays for miracles. We’re taught that conspiring is impossible because of laws but not if the law makers are the ones doing it. Collusion and delusion with illusion can be bought, blackmailed or seduced and beliefs can be planted and grown into beanstalks that are irresistably calling out “climb me” just like magic seeds. With enough repetition and subliminal phonetic and visual programming in daily propaganda and hypnotic tones spoken by a trusted accent or confident manner, the expert human culturalists of the ‘commerce-all’ British Broadcasting Corporation can weave, build and craft our minds into whatever they desire.
Social engineering is done by the astrolabe masters of degrees from their Home Offices, academies, surgeries and garden cities. Which House is the home secretary really working for? Is Ms Moneypenny based at the House of Commons, Lords or Windsor? I think they are all enjoying the benefits of the party life, gardens to home economics. It’s not called the “high life” for nothing when your parents are BFFs with sugar, cocoa and opium Barons and their Ladies who lunch to paint the food trade as a sensual hobby for hard slave workers, rather than an essential and healing experience to retain an immune system that adapts.

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