The Beast of Revelations

This is the source, the root of FIAT evil. It can create an ocean from just a pond by offering a resource in case of a sudden drought. Twelve bakers each make a cake and divide it into equal portions, they then split their portions into twelve new cakes. They now share twelve cakes. They sell each one a different price appearing to be benevolent to the poor and raising the prices by degrees in each of the markets. One is an individual snack cake, another is a birthday cake, another is a group of wedding cakes in tiers, another makes a loaf of bread. The feeding of the five thousand was an example of a large group investment. It meant that all the people of a city, pooling their money together made sure that everyone was fed and nobody starved. It was representative of the system of eternal life, a health investment equality, the model of the National Health Service.

The best returns are always with water models. It profits on human lives, successes, births, marriages, talents, inventions, deaths and every aspect of the lives of the territory they invade. They turn lead into gold, people into stones, rule with corruption and ultimately get the citizens to revolt, often with their own leading the fights. What began as aid for widows has now turned into the greedy beast of today that crawled out of the London dock and spread it’s filthy trade of human slavery, betting, spying and fixing.

It was the same body that insured slaves and then sent out fleets to shipwreck them to claim as owners that also took bets on their crossings. They control the heroes and the villains with a hidden hand in both camps. They get the blind middle class sheep to invest and to enforce their labour slaves to pay for their own keep and funerals while secretly having exclusive members profit from an all annual outcomes. They cannot fail.

Their model is the Trevi fountain. Their golden cups runneth over. Annually, they each add pails of water, to allow for any claims made but then encourage policy holders to not dip in. 

Their added bonus is from our no claims. They update their policies based on those cases that they had made a loss on and keep the option to change the policy in order to guard against it happening again. They have teams of analysts, people watchers, computer simulations, formulas, studying how they failed and engineering ways to plug future leaks. Self regulation is essential, directing complaints to their own people to keep the scandals internal and beyond the reach of laws.

Read a pet insurance policy today and it does not pay out for hardly any accident or disease. Recent life insurance policies do not protect against wave technology attacks on people made by any government. They know what is coming and guard against it because they control the patents too. They control the futures market this way using governmental spying, as the NSA were found to be doing on the German Prime Minister, Angela Merkel. They have been collecting information on all their installed leaders and are now leaking them in order to begin civil wars and dispose of their now redundant puppets. A new army has been trained that has no affiliation to any country and is made from the orphans of the recent strikes in the Middle East. They torture them using concentration camp techniques in the uniforms of their enemy, then rescue them and teach them how to get revenge as rebel forces.

Our lives are prepaid because of their insurance scams but they still charge us again for everything. Someone showing strong signs of genius or talent will be watched and mentored and steered into their hands. Their share prices go up as they achieve and the traders sell them on the markets if they see signs of weakness. Not all traders know that the hidden hand is engineering their failures to buy up their stocks and then appear in the lives as benefactors to make them millionaires whilst the share holders, bondsmen or trustees make billions. The Titanic was an insurance job that only people in their Royal Equity Groups or Lloyd’s profited from. They literally make trillions from the loss of life. They hire the the crew who sabotage the ships, the ones who get out by life boat and then testify the fault on passing icebergs or sea monsters. They were the Royal Navy who posed as the police and were also the pirates. The Customs of today, who have more power than any police force, work for the City. Immigration was organised. They gained more stock.

Unless everyone stock piles resources, gathers together in their families and stop participating in all banking, commerce and transport for just one month they will never be able to keep that from the attention of the Queen who is the only one who can accuse them of High Treason and demand to have the seal broken on the original Bill of Rights 1689 for scrutiny. While she is ‘protected’ by the enemy they will always keep her in the dark and ultimately blame her for the deception. If anyone in authority loves the Queen, they should be waking up and taking back control of God’s Country.

This harlot of Rome seduces Kings, takes over parliaments and installs flexible law (tented courts) and corrupts all religions. It has another tent-acle in the City of New York and in Rome. If you study the New Testament it explains this to be the body of the beast in revelations. It has many facades of nobility, crowns attached to many heads in one nation and spreads out setting up universities, markets, councils and entertainments and courts. It has a Duke, a City and a banker.

It is absolutely genius how the message is transferred over time through the keepers of the faith, the apostles. Those who made sure that the two books of the KJV were always in print have made it to the day of the global mind, when we can decipher together as one, the figurative patterns to bring down the beast forever. What a brilliant plan! This is how the harlot always falls wherever it builds copies of itself. David Cameron, Netanyahu and Obama are revealing that Saudi Arabia is obviously now the seat of the beast today and it wants Jerusalem, is circling it with many armies trained by these mindless puppets of the devil. It wants to rule over the world with the throne over the body of it’s arch enemy, the tombs of the Iluminated family of Christ. I hope the true people of Islam realize in time to stop these monsters who mock us all. The Jews who are not Jews, the Christians who are not Christians, the Moslems who are not Moslems.

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