Lords fail to overturn government plans to soften rules on banker accountability

Independent peers join government to vote down opposition peers’ amendment that would have retained tougher rules on bankers

Source: Lords fail to overturn government plans to soften rules on banker accountability | Business | The Guardian

PLEASE SHARE – THIS IS SERIOUS and I beg everyone to take notice of this because we must force government to hold bankers to account before it is approved in March 2016. They escaped justice by two votes, 200 to 198 and they were 200 well paid votes by the bankers themselves. There weren’t even 398 members there to vote so they did this without attending.

I watched this debate for hours. It’s not hard to understand, I promise. Banks buy people and their loyalty and they are not held accountable for the fraud they are committing, in all their many institutions because they just say “I didn’t know about it”. They paid to get this vital clause taken out of the new bill. They bought the votes. We have to push for them to reconsider because we can do that. They won’t let us get this close again. Ever.

We aren’t and won’t be told to do it by the TV faces because they own them too. Everything around you is privately owned by these bankers and their loyal and devoted wealthy corrupt fake lords, ministers, archbishops and judges. Everything. It’s the peak of the pyramid competitive market they are using to change the world into their hell.

It’s through our ignorance that the world poverty crisis we are in today has happened. They purposely didn’t educate us and distract us but we have no excuse anymore. I spent all evening watching them debate this in Parliament in the House of Lords and I swear, if we do not wake up in time to hold them accountable for the widespread and documented fraud they will never be stopped. Britain is being held hostage.

I watched many good men and women today try to reason with men, who in my opinion were not the type you would like to meet in a dark alley, who cried “human rights for bankers” in the House of Lords.

Without public pressure they will get away with being able to evade justice. Iceland didn’t make this mistake. I propose that some of these men are the ones who are being protected from justice for other “dark ways” by their wealth.

We can actually make this happen if we get our heads into the game and out of their many false flags, race wars and alien or new age distractions.

If we don’t succeed, by March 2016 you can expect the end of the world as we know it. We are here, in the last days. It’s up to us now. Will we fall for their final fantasies or break through the blindness spell cast upon us to allow them to fully own us, and all our children, lock stock and barrel, forever. Amen.

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