– Justice Committee

Subject: The work of the Crown Prosecution ServiceWitnesses: Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions.

Source: – Justice Committee

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It revealed to me that the CPS is being ran as a personal corporation with the phrase “I think” used too many times by the head of the Crown Prosecution Service.

The vagueness shown by statements like “I think”, the lack of data and figures presented and no strong directives to correct failings with clear goals, was not what one should accept from such an institution.

My personal opinion that the British Crown and their life awarded and hereditary peers and freemen are playing a perverse game of pretence, is unaccountable to it’s own standards and obeys no higher moral law, not even the one on which it is founded. I can only surmise that it does not run effectively for the purpose of being easily abused and monopolised as a money making industry, carving out judgements to levy policy infringement income and serves only to protect their own members. This committee meeting has  strengthened this view.

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