Walsall sick pensioner waits six months for empty flat and given Christmas as moving date.

EVIL CORP STRIKES AT ELDERLY BRITONS AGAIN: Pensioner given two weeks notice at Christmas.

Dudley and Walsall Mental Health (DWMH) Partnership NHS Trust in conjunction with Accord Housing Association have given a sick pensioner a moving date. On the 18th Dec, they issued a two week notice period from the 21st Dec to the 4th Jan, to move into an assisted living flat. She hasn’t been given any paperwork detailing where her 50+ life long NHS contributions are being spent to assist her in her retirement care.

While those dates are this year’s Christmas holiday, for the majority of people, a lady who can barely walk due to a chronic illness and has no money or family nearby, it is a time of immense stress and the prospect of a ruined Christmas, one which her deteriorating health could mean is her last. She can’t put up her beloved decorations because instead she has to pack up her memories into boxes and old suitcases. Except she can’t do this as she falls over when she bends down and can’t get back up.

Twice, a very rude optician has told her she is not going blind, when she clearly is and despite asking for a second opinion was taken back to the original doctor, Yang, who claimed she has early cataracts and shouldn’t return for at least another year.

The Dudley and Walsall Mental Health NHS Partnership Trust, with Accord Housing have had her case on hold for six months, stalling something that has been billed as the answer to her prayers, even though she cannot get upstairs to use the toilet anymore.

They were supposed to be offering her daily care with daily visits. It says so on the benefit form she received in November. She had a reduced amount because of the high level of care needed! They haven’t been round once!


She has to use a commode which is hard to empty when you have to use a walking stick in one hand!! We moved her bed downstairs after she revealed she had been sleeping on a tiny sofa for a week.

She has never complained. She is from a generation that trusts in government promises and government approved organisations. She didn’t even want to let her one family member know how bad it’s really been and has hidden her struggle, not wanting to bother anyone or be a burden. But now we know. Now we know what they have been doing to her.

Would you issue a moving date to a sick and elderly person at Christmas time? They picked on the wrong mother! Mine.

Accord Group deputy chief executive is jailed for three years for fraud and stealing from tax payers money. He also has ran a marathon in the Sahara desert for charity https://www.justgiving.com/Lakhbir-Jaspal/5 but as we all know too well these collections are only moderated when questioned.


Accord Fraud
Accord Fraud

Further Comments from Facebook post

Friend Comment:  Walsall…do you know [name ommitted] She’s been suffering for years with Walsall social workers concerning her children, and is trying to bring actions against them…two of you might enjoy each other’s company, and be of help to each other…not sure if you’re close enough, but thought I’d mention. If you want to start an harassment campaign, I’d be happy to join.

Me: I haven’t lived in the area for twenty years so am out of touch. Will look her up as I have lots of info I can share and hopefully we can copy their motto “together we are stronger”. Thanks Hun, great catch.  My guess is I will end up viewing the Companies House listing as a Tavistock commodity created at Finchley Road like we so often do when digging into govt and London City corruption.

 Friend Comment: Yep. I think the origins are in-our-face-obvious, and it’s really just a matter of not getting killed, but succeeding in taking them down…EASY…?!?  I’ll go connect you with her on Twitter; she’s here on FB, but unresponsive…

Me: It’s utterly disgusting, inhumane and not at all compassionate to those looking inwards with a clear view on the global crisis. The image below means the patient will be handled to make it seem that they are being cared for using “intelligent kindness” to make them “perceive” their care. What about ACTUAL kindness?

That flat has been empty for six months. She’s been in a distressed state and stuck in a loop of limbo all this time. There is no such thing as health care anymore, it’s ALL privatised. The reason she has a CPN (a Tavistock formed agency – Community Psychiatric Nurse) is because she had been at her wits end with the LACK of care she expected at the end of her hard working life and contributions. She is confused even though I keep explaining that our Govt is not our people. This is why I wanted to get her into our care and out of their hands. She trusted them.

My hands have been tied throughout due to her secrecy, which I suspect has been encouraged by them,  and their lack of communication with me.

Her generational peers keep telling her to just go along with what ever is offered. She paid into this NHS for 50 years and should be getting what she paid for. Had it been a private health care insurance with the full terms laid out, she would be in a luxury retirement home by now – but how can they provide this ‘promised land’ care when they SOLD it off years ago?

The CPN sent round a financial advisory agency and unqualified people, friends of friends at first. They appear to be connected to a church but are happy to lull her into a false sense of security and get her to sign things. She praises these ladies as saints. Funny how quite a few snake oil salesmen have been round in the past year.

Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Partnership Trust meeting, May 2015
Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Partnership Trust meeting, May 2015


DWMH (Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Trust) May 2015 meeting where their interest in Accord is mentioned.

Dainelle Oum shows an interest in partnering with Accord Housing in May 2015
Dainelle Oum shows an interest in partnering with Accord Housing in May 2015

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