Another Very Important Paedophile cheats karma

This crime was what the justice system of man is tolerated for yet it is rarely upheld. Harsher sentencing would help the children and that cannot be denied. There is no crime worse than preying on the young of your own species because what excuse is there for not comprehending the suffering and terror it inflicts? There are none.

Only corruption can now explain the endless treason we are witnessing, day after day in the courts of our ancestral home land by a BAR that is clearly not fit to serve the population as a whole, just that of an occult square mile-high society club of that invisible cubed floating City over London. The predicted anti-Christ clearly already arrived centuries ago and rules over his stocks in their bonds and chains today.

Cut the ropes of the New Jerusalem, there are pirates on board and let them sink back into the abyss they came from. VIPs can walk the plank first!

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