The Trumpet is Sounding

Expressing my heart felt view about the farce of the American selection, sorry I mean the election.  I am not confused, needing answers or looking to debate.  Take or leave it or join in more dots.

None of them are suitable to run an ant farm.  All have very dark agendas. Trump is a corporate giant, a puppet master that normally operate these ugly marionettes from their ivory towers.  Trump is one of the hidden hands that have been leading us to hell.  He was born a prince not a pauper.

Presidency would surely be a demotion for him.  He is part of the body of the “principalities in high places”, the untouchables, the god class. He’s stolen the truth from InfoWars and the alternative media made up of real people, not corporations.   He says everything just to get votes.  Why wouldn’t he?  He’s lying to Alex and his insider contacts, just like the writer of the X Files, Chris Carter did to avoid any law suits. I wonder if this is ego led blindness or was this planned decades ago. There was a gaping hole and old Mac Donald Duck had the power to fill it.

Alex Jones should have run as a candidate instead if it’s all about the return of integrity. Trump should have offered to back him if he was really serious about restoring the dream. Trump reminds me of the character Damien Thorn from The Omen. The wealthy royalist elites are collectively raised to be evil from birth and beyond.  They conspire to keep evil maxed out and own the rights to it.

All I see are drooling, scrambling, clawing trolls quivering to wear the crown of thorns on the throne of the world war machine, the horns of the beast.

Make America Great Again written across his forehead in red and white. I wonder if that means the Great of the Empirical Great Britain or the Royal European Union of kissing cousins and pederasts? Trump seems to love the Old Blighty Etonians and Saudi kings. His billionaire City of London connections surely run deep into that financial black hole, dug square and high for a mile on all sides, like a metaphoric cube.

Please wake up – even more than you are – and burn that crooked house down before they turn you all into tinned FEMA meat. Use them guns you were brainwashed to love, whilst you still can. Nobody else can stop them but an American Hero. That has always been the cube office story after all.

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