Transformers. Shape shifting UFO over the UK April 17th 2016

I and two others, witnessed a shape shifting UFO on Sunday, the 17th so I can believe that this shape shifting thing is real now. The video doesn’t pick up the forms we saw through the binocular but I have grabbed some pixellated stills to show the variations.

Image 013

Discovered a news article on Tuesday saying that NASA cut the feed  from the International Space Station on Sunday, the same day, because a shape shifting mass was showing up on their cameras.

A friend tipped me off to this next video where the witness says the same things as I do about it not being something explainable. He was scared by it, as was I. It was uploaded last week.

Looked into it further and they appear to be cellular orbs that are able to join or separate and emit all colours and intensity of light. They can radiate light individually to create shapes, like all our screens do but they are airborne and show intelligence.

Now this one explains way too much for me. Have a look at this video of a flying anomaly and try to explain it any other way than a cellular mass of translucent orbs. Imagine how that kind of physiology could be used to imitate objects. This one resembles a classic angel at one point but when zoomed in you can see it’s not solid.

Jesus’ hatred of a tree and the warning in Jude about “clouds that are without water, trees without roots or fruit”, the burning bush, a staff turned into a snake, Ezekiels multi-faced wheels (like the one I saw).

I am going back over the bible now to pull out occasions where these things could have been responsible. The most obvious one is the Lord in his ark that hovered over the camps of Moses’ armies by day in a cloud and by fire at night. Imagine having control over these, it would be magic. They are transformers. Are they really the djinn who were able to imitate objects like flying carpets, trees, dragons and oh so many other things. Gods and angels?

“Clouds they are without water”

My head hurts at how much evidence there is for these things having been here along and are the reason for all myths, gods and legends. More on this in the coming weeks.

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