Peep behind the looking glass

Quick draft, no time to edit anymore….

Yeah, gambling is what is the stock market is based on, a communal interactive game of life for the god heads who called themselves Jews but are not Jews. I went deeper into the rabbit hole and peeped behind the curtain. I found that asset management for these people, is us. Treasury stock and common stocks are people when they convert us into corporate beings after our parents sign us off as property of the crown. I traced it back to naval slavery insurance and is the sport of those who use kings and queens like pieces in a global game of chess. It’s much older than that though. Underwriters and undertakers – like the trolls and gnomes who keep the halls of records and registers. Lloyds of London are big players.

A portfolio to Cameron, who is treasury stock, would be the shares that royals have in him. It seems the Saudis have bought lots of shares in his stock. The wording is all in plain sight when you go looking. Schools are the first place to be a fisher of men and then they assign asset managers to the talented ones. If you do as they predict, after you have been put in the game as a real person (freeman on the land maybe?), resurrected from your ‘lost at sea’ status, entered into the betting “book of life” you may make them rich and they will award royalties, a small percentage of what they all make in their equity life insurance fountains. I think they prefer to get the child before they have cashed in their slave insurances because bringing someone back from the dead affects the play. Maybe that’s what Christ can be used for, to be your trustee when you are raised from the grave to earn them money? He holds the gates of hell and heaven not Saint Peter.

So, the gods don’t bet on horses. They fix everything around us to win their lots with each other and spying is the way they do it. Does that make sense? It’s a lot more complex than this. It’s just something I learned from my years of personal insight and research. FB(eye) and our smarter than us phones are the new data gathering tools, the new AI asset managers that will predict our ‘futures’ on the market. Search histories, shopping patterns, phone calls, diaries, blogs all help to profile people extremely well. If I was worth noticing I’d guess that my future is predicted as death by government. Coroners are needed to play the game properly because death insurance is the one they really profit from. So easy to fix when you have trained a secret army of killers to live among us. It would seem like magic or tragedy to outsiders.

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