What we do know so far is that life exists in many dimensions all once. As we sit here trillions of cells are erupting into existence deep within our bones and tissues, some are complimentary or passive and some don’t belong. It’s called the human microbiome and we are never alone in our journey.  The genome has allowed new organisms to become part of the book of life over the millenia and rejected others. Enemy invaders are always waiting for a free ride, a meal ticket into the richly nutricious tissues and liquids of bodies.They prey upon the living like vampires but are forever hidden deep within the skin, safe from the ravages of UV radiation waves and oxides.

Parallel dimensions are right here, not just out there. We take for granted the use of magnification lenses but it’s the only reason we have the life that we have today. Our eyes only see a part of the full spectrum of the universe and barely a thing when you compare the range upon a scale of known measurements. The microscope sparked a Great Enlightenment era within certain aristocratic circles and yet the secrets it has revealed are not newly discovered.  One similarity or even two can be stated as chance but twenty or more is surely all the evidence we need to claim that ancient people were in possession of powerful lenses and not just complex surgery tools.Eygpt parasite proof

In the God story of creation they draw the life cycles of a parasite. The leaf shape is the same shape as the fluke protozoa that swims and lays larvae into the intestines of the host. The stars are cells called astrocytes that regulate electricity in our brain matter between neurons. The many handed suns are dendrites, the cells that make decisions, like a god, between attacking an organism with the super adaptive immune army or engaging the home guard with the basic written entries of the inherited DNA. Dendrites look like they have lots of arms with fingers, exactly how Ra is depicted.

The boats either side represent their journey from the inner earth, the host, to the outside world and they show a collection of microbes conspiring to form a new creation, a pathogenic virus.

The serpent is everywhere in ancient world art, medicine, religion and philosophy and if we continue to ignore it today, we will be consumed by their obvious rise to global dominance in the form of parasitic capitalism, the mark of the beast. Hieroglyphs were saying much more than we realised.